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  • Audio software
    • videostudio
      Powerful easy-to-use video editing software
      Audio-video is a powerful and simple video editing software produced by Corel, Canada. It has the function of image capture and editing. It can capture, convert MV, DV, V8, TV and real-time record capture image files. Even DVD and VCD can be made directly. They are applicable to education, IT, entertainment, family life and other fields by virtue of their simple and intuitive, creative and unique, flexible operation, support popular formats, and being deeply loved.
    • Vegas
      Professional video software, supporting a variety of file formats
      VEGAS Pro provides all the tools you need to quickly edit your video. Code 4K delivery or release to your favorite stream. Or, drag and drop and appear on a blu-ray disc with dolby digital sound broadcast in HD. Whatever your final destination, the VEGAS Pro will be faster than ever before. Work with unprecedented creative interaction on DVD
    • EDIUS
      A popular video post-production professional tool
      Let video editors not be forced to wait by technical limitations, let creativity not be constrained. EDIUS supports more formats, more resolution, and can operate in real time whether in 4K, 3D, HD, or SD from 24 x 24 to 4Kx2K. It gives priority to 64-bit and 4K operating systems, adds a new GV resource browser and makes it easy to manage all resources. Having strong compatibility matches allows you to edit EDIUS without requiring the latest system. EDIUS also has unparalleled real-time video transcoding technology that enables arbitrary real-time transformation of high-definition and standard...
    • ABBYY
      A necessary OCR word recognition software
      ABBYY in document recognition, data capture and language occupy a certain advantage in the technology development, ABBYY applies to a lot of paper documents processing organization, its products are widely used in large government projects, ABBYY FineReader is the award-winning optical character recognition (OCR) and document conversion software, not only supports the multinational text, also supports color file identification, automatic retained the original illustrations and typesetting format and backend batch identification function. PDF Transformer+ is a must-have PDF solution that combin...
    • Beyond Compare
      Beyond Compare
      A professional file comparison tool
      Beyond Compare is a comprehensive, multivariate and professional file comparison tool, which can be used to easily Compare the differences between two folders or files. The differences are marked with colors, which is convenient to view and supports multiple rule comparison.