• In the middle of July, with a light drizzle and a crisp sea breeze, tongfu's annual tour set off. The cool drizzle brings a rare coolness to the hot summer, and a bus carrying laughing and cheerful team members arrives at the beautiful xichong beach.  On the way, we were all beaming with bright smiles and feeling extremely relaxed and happy. Now we take off the formal overalls and put on comfortable sports clothes, showing more youthful vitality. We talked, listened to music, and ate snacks along the way so that the journey wouldn't be a little lonely. This kind of atmosphere makes us all more happy than usual, little friends also appear more close.Traveling seems to be a way to express a happy family or group. It not only relaxes the body and mind, but also helps to impr...
  • With the continuous progress of science and technology, the demand for various functions of computer is gradually increasing, and of course, the software is also gradually upgrading to a higher level as people use it. But the software, like any other item, can distinguish between a genuine version and a fake version, which is cheap or even free, but is certainly not as good as the real version.A lot of people have this problem. When they first go to work at a company, they turn on their computer and say, "what age is this? With a low computer configuration, you'll find that many unofficial free software packages may not support installation, or require heavy approval. So would you recommend buying genuine software for your company?Nowadays, self-use computers can say that the inst...
  • With the progress of human science and technology level, more and more intelligent machine products are integrated into the human life, such as car intelligent driving, intelligent home appliances, these all let the human feel the quality of life is gradually improved, but also more and more dependent on human life science and technology, so we have to think about a problem, that will shake the foundation of human survival?       If a particularly advanced set of machines could completely replace all working humans. That's really saving human labor time, because an experienced hand is no more than a 24-hour cycle machine. But it also shakes the foundations of many societies. Because if machines had consciousness, it would certainly raise troubling legal and moral qu...
2018 - 08 - 17
Established in 2015, tongfu technology co., ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech development enterprise headquartered in shenzhen, guangdong province. It is a technology service company whose main fulcrum is the development of high precision technology. We are dedicated to providing integrated marketing solutions for the development, design, construction, operation, promotion and hosting of web pages and WeChat terminal. The service scope includes the realization of online and offline interworking services, distribution mall services, single-store mall services, socialized customer relationship m...
2018 - 08 - 20
Whatever is created by man has its value and its reason for being, and when it can be used by most men, it must be imitated by others. This is the definition of genuine and pirated.    Software is the same, after every software comes out, do not appear the software of pilfer edition, the reason is very simple, people feel legal edition should pay, pilfer both need not pay, operation is simple, use pilfer of course. But in fact, if there is really little difference between the genuine and the pirated version, then there is no need to pay for the authentic version.Today, most...
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