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Established in 2015, tongfu technology co., ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech development enterprise headquartered in shenzhen, guangdong province. It is a technology service company whose main fulcrum is the development of high precision technology. We are dedicated to providing integrated marketing solutions for the development, design, construction, operation, promotion and hosting of web pages and WeChat terminal. The service scope includes the realization of online and offline interworking services, distribution mall services, single-store mall services, socialized customer relationship management services, mobile e-commerce services, graphic design services, WeChat light application services and other comprehensive business services. Provide the industry with PC mobile terminal promotion solutions, directly touch the sales core, and help enterprises establish the industry WeChat marketing benchmark image.

The company has a young, keen, youthful and ambitious team. In the rapid mobile Internet era, we adhere to the professional, dedicated, passionate and innovative development philosophy, adhere to the customer-oriented, credit-first service standards, and strive to create a first-class new enterprise.

Corporate brand spirit: high-end, cutting-edge, precise and realistic

Company core values: based on customers: committed to customer satisfaction and success

Innovation and reality: based on facts, dare to imagine and explore

The company's main business

The website construction

Corporate image website: display company profile, case presentation, product display, etc.

Brand image website: establish brand image based on brand image.

Mall B2B website: e-commerce trading platform website, a variety of products sales.

Mobile terminal development

Mobile website construction, customize your exclusive website;

WeChat official website development, WeChat public account application, WeChat small procedures one-stop service.

H5 promotion, group, voting, promotion, etc.

The plane design

Enhance corporate brand image, professional design team customized for you!

Our services include: vi design, LOGO design, brand design, album design, brand planning, package poster design, web design and H5 page design.

The consumption upgrade brings about the individual demand of diversified consumption. The traditional marketing method of eating all over the world has become outdated. Enterprises should timely change their thinking and quickly combine with the new marketing model, so as to build the competition barrier, brand style and personality, and systematic and flexible activation are the mainstream of consumption.

Tongfu attaches great importance to talents and has the leading talent development system in the industry

We welcome excellent planners, copywriters and designers to join us.

Tongfu technology gives you a stage to show your talent.

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