How to speed up the Mac

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We all know that slow computers can be a pain in the neck, especially if you're in a hurry to do something important. When you're faced with a computer system that looks like a snail, you're bound to get upset. So, we need a fast computer, so how do we improve the speed of the computer? Let's take the MAC and show you some tricks.

How to speed up the Mac

Generally speaking, there are only a few reasons why computers run so slowly. In general, the system has a large number of applications installed, which take up too much memory when running, resulting in the system running out of memory, so the computer is getting stuck and slow.

Therefore, we often need to do the following aspects to maintain the smooth operation of the system and improve the speed of the computer.

First boot up and then check the boot loader. When your Mac starts up longer than you expect, it's likely that there are a lot of apps that are programmed to boot up. Then, we need to check the boot startup item. If there is an automatic startup program, we can enter the system preferences of users and groups, and then find the login option to check your startup list, delete the application you don't need, and manually start it when needed. When installing an application, a lot of times it will start by default, so remember to uncheck this default option when you install the software later.

Then check the running program. When you use the Mac, if you find that it's running slowly, you'll want to see if some useless processes are running in the background. Go to the application > utility > activity monitor to see CPU usage, RAM usage, and running memory usage. You can see which processes are taking up resources on your system and try to end those that you don't need. This will make your Mac faster.

Don't open too many applications at the same time, when you're at work, such as when you were in office, and you open video software, audio software and so on some other software to listen to music or something, that at this time, every software will take up system operation space, running much, Mac will have corresponding change is slow, so if you don't need other software, was not the first time to open the application.

Always check the software for updates. When you update the software, new components are added to the installed application. Therefore, the application will take up too much memory space, and the newly installed application may be in conflict with the previous installation, leading to some unexpected consequences, so the update status of the software should be checked frequently.

How to speed up the Mac

Clean your desktop and hard drive regularly. Usually the software we download, files, and so on are saved directly to the desktop for convenience. However, if there are too many files on the desktop, the system will slow down, because the desktop system is directly managed by the operating system. When you add or play something on the Mac desktop, OS X will be involved. Applications that are largely unused on the hard drive are also uninstalled, and you can often clean up the cache and log files in the Mac download folder, as well as the Mac's own programs.

If your Mac is doing well on its own, but it's slower when connected to the Internet, you'll want to see if there's a link problem. Check the network connection through the Apple menu - > system preference Settings - > network. Also check the data transfer rate. Can also check the performance of other devices connected to the network. If other devices are also running slowly, there may be connectivity issues.

For OS X this piece, we generally do not take the, when we install the software, when it comes to the problem of the operating system when we cancel the installation, run the piracy of OS X is also likely to lead to your Mac running slowly, because the latest version of software is to the corresponding of the latest operating system, so to check the update of the OS X, if you have the latest version to update.

How to speed up the Mac

Sometimes we use third-party software that helps speed up the Mac. In fact, they all run for the same purpose: clearing the disk and automatically shutting down applications that are not in use. CleanMymac3, for example.

If all else fails, your Mac's RAM has reached its maximum capacity. Then you need to upgrade the memory. Hopefully, the above tips will help you solve your Mac slowness problems.

Of course, the best way is to use legitimate software, soft legal software, quality assurance, price concessions, you are worth a try.

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